Thursday, October 05, 2006

Why is the sky blue

Why is the sky blue? It is a question children ask. Yet it also intrigued Leonardo da Vinci and Isaac Newton, among many other legendary thinkers. As late as 1862, the great astronomer John Herschel called the colour and polarization of skylight "great standing enigmas." Even today, our perception of sky blue is little understood by laymen. go on reading...some interesting stuff in here {via thenonist} photo via Roi Kuper, No Escape from the Past, 2002 (colorprints 126 x 126 cm. / 80 x 80 cm.) edition of 5

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stephenrowepainter said...

Dear Moon, Today was Linda's birthday. Sorry I have tried a number of times to get in here and let you know. Hope your move went well and that you and yours are in good spirits. As ever be well. With love. Stephen