Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Pink Noise of Pleasure Yachts in Turquoise Sea.

Gosh I Love the sound of this title of video art by Yolande Harris, and ready to get into this visionary imagery anytime. Yolande is a composer and media-artist working with sound, image and space in a technologically extended environment. She proposes a radical notion of the score in her ongoing Score Spaces research project and uses technology in her work as the means through which to understand the electronically extended spaces we inhabit.

The Pink Noise of Pleasure Yachts in Turquoise Sea. Recorded underwater at a National Marine Reserve, Mallorca Spain. August 2009


rappel said...

for some reason this is really engaging. imagine it on a large screen with large sound!

Moon River said...

watch the first video in this link

it was projected on the floor, and people were getting into the projected space, a head set of earphone where hanging from up, in order to permit the person standing at the heart of the video projection to hear the sound