Monday, August 07, 2006

book of stars

"There´s Heavens inside buidings, there´s Heavens inside the pages of books. There´s Heavens above us. We can see the constellations, the winds,the cosmos if we search well."

Above our cities there is the sky. Above our cities we can found the stars, planets, constellations,galaxies. Don't forget your place in the Universe.

Apocryphal maps

The 3,600 year old Sky Disk of Nebra is the world's oldest image of the cosmos... see more:

Tribute to Giordano Bruno.( 1548-1600 )


bluewyvern said...

I've been saving magic fly paula's gorgeous artworks and photographs for when I have enough time to appreciate them properly. I hope it's soon, because I've been seeing glimpses everywhere in my browsing, and it's such beautiful stuff.

I'm pretty sure I've seen that sky disk before, too. I think it's in the Smithsonian. I remember being fascinated by it, but vaguely annoyed that I just *can't* look at it without seeing a goofy-looking winking smiley face.

Princess Haiku said...

These images are wings upon the spirit. Just gorgeous, Moon Dear. I am glad that you are on blogger now because your work will reach more people.