Friday, August 04, 2006

Disaster Map

This is not fictional: "Several thousand litres of slightly radioactive water leaked in the second unit of nuclear power plant Temelin, southern Bohemia, on Wednesday afternoon (03/08/2006), Temelin spokesman Milan Nebesar told CTK today. Radioactive substances have not leaked to the surrounding countryside or outside the zone monitored by the plant. Neither has the leak threatened the health of Temelin staff, Nebesar said. The water leaked in two rooms which are hermetically sealed with no staff inside. "The cause was open manually operated fittings used for an occasional supply of siphons of one the auxiliary systems of one of the collecting tanks which are not part of the reactor's pressure unit," Nebesar said, stressing the accident happened outside the primary circuit. The staff was probably checking the supply system and did not fully tighten the fittings, he added. The State Authority for Nuclear Safety (SUJB) said in a preliminary statement that the incident had little significance but that it would look into it. "The frequency of the problems is quite high but it is nothing to speak about from the safety standpoint," said SUJB chairwoman Dana Drabova. The plant's second unit operates at the planned output. The first unit is due to be shut down because of fuel replacement carried out every year."

This is a part of a site that reports daily of all sort of disaster happening around the world. the site present a world map, with icons that helps understand the high risks that currently are happening, each icon, sends you to a detailed page, with the usage of google map that place the disaster right where it is, while giving a description of the disaster that happened such as Damage level, Cause of event and so on. Visit the Alert Map Site, for an intriguing glance at what's going on around the world, you may want to give it a click. via wohba, pruned

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