Saturday, September 30, 2006


"Citrus", 1999-2001 (colorprints 126 x 126 cm. / 80 x 80 cm.) edition of 5

In this particular photography by Roi Kuper, i see so strongly colors - even absent from the photo, i see it so strongly, like a imprinted in memory too deep to be erased. especially the yellows -the color of the groundsel...and this field bursting with fiery sun, the citrus trees - fighting to survive this heat and ocean of wild flowers that about to cover them, the vivid movements of this little humble flowers, makes me want to feel the same wind that caresses it- this moment captured here, this view makes me feel in all my senses ...i keep on coming back to this amazing photography that is only one from an outstanding magnificent series - "Citrus"

and this lonely citrus, half dry, half alive, with it's naked delicate branch reminds me of the thorns of both the biblical unidentified bush, and the crown of Christ. a symbol for ending entwine with beginnings and promises for a renewal.


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Princess Haiku said...

Very lovely.

Stephen Craig Rowe said...

Dear Moon, It is compelling photograph. As ever be well. Stephen

Moon River said...

I love it as well, very much