Thursday, September 21, 2006

New York City's Parks (map)

Alan Sonfist. New York City's Parks 3 (Map)

Alan Sonfist. New York City's Parks 2 (Map)


McTell said...

You may or may not have noticed I stop by often. Your blogging is to me like a hidden treasure of a magazine, wonderful to read and has stimulation. Most of my blogging is fluff, like a cartoon, cept at times I tend toward a conservative political view, no compromise.
I've enjoyed immensely several of you blogs, or many. And like many males, yes I enjoy the pictures. You've spent quite a bit of thought and intellectual building in your blogs.......from my Point-of-View. Thanks for the nourishment, intellectual that is. I have the address of your blogspot and will continue to visit, as you move.
I do feel that your blogging deserves some attention, a audience perhaps. Particularly I've enjoyed the, how can I say this??? in form and line, prexisting, then exposed, better yetm hummmmm.....given benchmark, whether thru sound, photography, or discussion.
Oh well, the previous, Motion By Octavio Paz is wounderful, thanks for sharing.
I remain.......McTell.......

Princess Haiku said...

Introducing Alvero de Campo

(from poem #481)

I who am,in the end a continual dialogue,
A loud incomprehensible voice from the towers in the depths of night,
When the untouched bell sounds indistinctly,
With the pain of knowing, there's life to live tomorrow.

Fernando Pessoa