Monday, October 23, 2006


I do not know of birds,

I do not know history of the fire.

But I believe that my solitude must have wings.

Alejandra Pizarnik

Ralph Eugene Meatyard Untitled 1960 gelatin silver print via junk for code


Joe Moran said...


Very cool!


Moon River said...

Hello Joe

thanks again :)

can you please tell me what is the VR/WR stands for?

Joe Moran said...

Very Respectfully

With Respect

R/ or R./ or r/ or r. = Respectfully

VR/, etc. = Very Respectfully

Just Jargon

Language and shorthand I guess.

Maps and legends.


Princess Haiku said...

Perhaps we should have a language of our own, Moon. It would be abbreviated, terse & concise but also surreal, provocative and tantalizing. -A language that can't be text messaged but calls to the text within. And yes of course with the capability of flight. And I missed on your bird thing? What inspired all these wings? It is winter and I missed an autumn that took flight without me.