Saturday, October 28, 2006

Contemporary Chinese Art

Lu Shengzhong Landscape StudyInstallation, bookshelves, books2003

Chen Shaoxiong Collective Memory—Guangzhou Landscape Ⅱ2006. Works on Paper (Drawings, Watercolors etc.)

Shi Jinsong Sweet LifeSugar installation 2002

Liu Baomin
Extreme illusion no.16 2006 - oil on canvas 150 x 190 cm.
No.2 Photo- Transfer on Cotton, Human Hair, 180x 150cm,

A Flower Boy at the Roadside, Daqing Mountain, Inner- Mongolia Geltain Sliver Print, 46x 46cm, Edition 10, 37x 37cm, Edition 20, 1998

Liu Zheng - known mostly maybe for his Four Beauties series

A Mirage C-Print, 75x 100cm, Edition of 10, 2004 Cao Fei

The Dream of China transparent polyvinyl (PVC), embroidery with fishing thread, 170x 214x 30cm, 2005 Wang Jin

Chess Set Installation, 2006

Horizon No.11 C-Print, 45x 40cm, edtion of 5, 102x 112cm, edtion of 4, 2004 Zhang O

Staring at the Sea No.5 C-Print, 125x 165cm, Edition of 10 Weng Fen