Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Leaning Tower of Pisa Illustration for the Blind

Abelardo Morell Leaning Tower of Pisa Illustration for the Blind, 2004

dot - May refer to the most fundamental mark, one level more fundamental than a line. And it may refer to a particular point, or location. Something having many dots has been said to be "punctuated." When an area is occupied by dots, spots or speckles of many colors, it may be described as variegated. Also, "dot" is a computer term for either a pixel or that punctuation also called a period or point.


Joe Moran said...

... Lady • U • R • Awesome ...


Moon River said...

why is that? :)

Joe Moran said...

I've learned something new here on every visit.

That's really neat.

So, thanks!

Very Respectfully,

Princess Haiku said...

Why isn't that? Explaining negatives can be so challenging my dearest luminary.
As ever,
your poet