Sunday, October 08, 2006

Mapping the working coasts: using art to understand the waterfront

"The coast of Maine is undergoing a series of paradoxical changes. People are moving to the coast because of the lure of what it represents – a lifestyle of fishing, small communities, and the immediacy of the ocean. But in doing so, the viability of a coastal life interdependent with the working water is undermined. The existence of a complex dynamic historical relation between communities, both human and otherwise, that cross from land to sea and back is at risk of being lost. What is this complex actuality? What is this space of dynamic and contested alliances between human communities, the land, marine ecosystems, the ocean itself, global economic forces, and other forces? " mapping sessions: This ongoing collaboration involves a series of conversations and mapping sessions to investigate the existing condition sof the coasts and their potentialities.

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