Thursday, October 05, 2006

moon words

from the Websters Unabridged Dictionary 1913:

Mooned (Mooned) a. Of or resembling the moon; symbolized by the moon. "Sharpening in mooned horns." "Mooned Ashtaroth." Milton.

Mooner (Moon"er) n. One who abstractedly wanders or gazes about, as if moonstruck. [R.] Dickens.

Moonery (Moon"er*y) n. Conduct of one who moons. [R.]

Moonet (Moon"et) n. A little moon. [R.] Bp. Hall.

Moon-eye (Moon"-eye`) n.

1. A eye affected by the moon; also, a disease in the eye of a horse.

2. (Zoצl.) (a) Any species of American fresh-water fishes of the genus Hyodon, esp. H. tergisus of the Great Lakes and adjacent waters. (b) The cisco.

Moon-eyed (Moon"-eyed`) a. Having eyes affected by the moon; moonblind; dim-eyed; purblind.

Moon-faced (Moon"-faced`) a. Having a round, full face.

Moonfish (Moon"fish`) n. (Zoצl.) (a) An American marine fish (Vomer setipennis); — called also bluntnosed shiner, horsefish, and sunfish. (b) A broad, thin, silvery marine fish (Selene vomer); — called also lookdown, and silver moonfish. (c) The mola. See Sunfish, 1.

Moonflower (Moon"flow`er) n. (Bot.) (a) The oxeye daisy; — called also moon daisy. (b) A kind of morning glory (Ipomœa Bona-nox) with large white flowers opening at night.

Moong (Moong) n. (Bot.) Same as Mung.

Moonglade (Moon"glade`) n. The bright reflection of the moon's light on an expanse of water. [Poetic]

Moonie (Moo"nie) n. (Zoצl.) The European goldcrest.

Moonish (Moon"ish) a. Like the moon; variable.

Being but a moonish youth.

Moonless (Moon"less), a. Being without a moon or moonlight.

Moonlight (Moon`light`) n. The light of the moon. — a. Occurring during or by moonlight; characterized by moonlight.

Moonling (Moon"ling) n. A simpleton; a lunatic. [Obs.]

Moonlit (Moon"lit`) a. Illumined by the moon. "The moonlit sea." Moore. "Moonlit dells." Lowell.

Moonraker (Moon"rak`er) n. (Naut.) Same as Moonsail.

Moonrise (Moon"rise`) n. The rising of the moon above the horizon; also, the time of its rising.

Moonsail (Moon"sail`) n. (Naut.) A sail sometimes carried in light winds, above a skysail. R. H. Dana, Jr.

Moonseed (Moon"seed`) n. (Bot.) A climbing plant of the genus Menispermum; — so called from the crescentlike form of the seeds.

Moonset (Moon"set`) n. The descent of the moon below the horizon; also, the time when the moon sets.

Moonshee (Moon"shee) n. [Hind. munishi, fr. Ar. munishi a writer, author, secretary, tutor.] A Mohammedan professor or teacher of language. [India]

Moonshine (Moon"shine`) n.

1. The light of the moon.

2. Hence, show without substance or reality.

3. A month. [R.] Shak.

4. A preparation of eggs for food. [Obs.]

Moonshine (Moon"shine`), a. Moonlight. [R.] Clarendon.

Moonshiner (Moon"shin`er) n. A person engaged in illicit distilling; — so called because the work is largely done at night. [Cant, U.S.]

Moonshiny (Moon"shin`y) a. Moonlight. [Colloq.]

I went to see them in a moonshiny night.

Moonstone (Moon"stone`) n. (Min.) A nearly pellucid variety of feldspar, showing pearly or opaline reflections from within. It is used as a gem. The best specimens come from Ceylon.

Moonstricken (Moon"strick`en) a. See Moonstruck.

Moonstruck (Moon"struck`) a.

1. Mentally affected or deranged by the supposed influence of the moon; lunatic.

2. Produced by the supposed influence of the moon. "Moonstruck madness." Milton.

3. Made sick by the supposed influence of the moon, as a human being; made unsuitable for food, as fishes, by such supposed influence.

Moonwort (Moon"wort`) n. (Bot.) (a) The herb lunary or honesty. See Honesty. (b) Any fern of the genus Botrychium, esp. B. Lunaria; — so named from the crescent-shaped segments of its frond.

Moony (Moon"y) a.

1. Of or pertaining to the moon.

Soft and pale as the moony beam.
J. R. Drake.

2. Furnished with a moon; bearing a crescent.

But soon the miscreant moony host Before the victor cross shall fly.

3. Silly; weakly sentimental. [Colloq.] G. Eliot.



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Lunar imagery is luminous, illuminating, luscious. One must bow before the Moon in all of her guises.

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