Friday, October 20, 2006

The Mythology of the Inner World

"The idea that our bodies are geographic worlds, came to me one day while I was stretching. I was sitting on one of my art boards, and stretched over my legs, I admired their shape, and decided to trace them. After tracing the shapes of my legs, I looked at the shape and thought it would make an interesting starting point for an art piece. That first tracing turned into a bird! It was that moment that I realized my body was an entire world, with landscapes and stories that wanted to communicate. I eagerly mapped my entire body to discover its hidden world and magical stories. These images became known as landscapes of ‘The Mythology of the Inner World’. Each image has been derived from the body, and represents the ‘Inner World’. "

These life-size collages were created using the body mapping process

Laura Hollick. Inner world


אבי said...

אהלן. הוקסמתי מהאתר שלך. הרשיתי לעצמי להשתמש בתמונות שמצאתי אצלך או שהגעתי אליהן דרכך בפוסט המרגש ביותר בחיי. נתתי לך ולאמנים קרדיט בסוף הפוסט שלי. אני מקווה שזה בסדר מבחינתך:) ותודה ענקית:) אבי לן

Moon River said...

היי אבי,

you most welcome!

Princess Haiku said...

Amazing. How could I possible have stayed away so long?