Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Production of space

A visual essay on space, photography, archaeology - stressing how our experience of place is always prosthetic - mediated by instruments and by bodies that are not coincident with our sense of ego or self. [Link to the beginning of the series] and for more Entries


Danieru said...

Sounds very much like the work of philosopher, Lacan. According to him:

- We are born into this world premature, experiencing a fragmented reality through underdeveloped senses and motor skills.

- Faced with an image of itself as a masterful, totalized whole, the child recognizes its self in the mirror, and the ego is born.

-In (mis)recognizing the self in the mirror, we create an alienated self - a self which is forever marked by a lack, and forever trying to attain what it saw in the mirror.

Moon River said...

Interesting and logical...


good to have you back!