Saturday, October 21, 2006

writing from within

Walter Benjamin in 'A Berlin Childhood.'

"One knew of places in ancient Greece where the way led down into the underworld. Our waking existence likewise is a land which, at certain hidden points, leads down into the underworld - land full of inconspicuous places from which dreams arise. All day long, suspecting nothing, we pass them by, but no sooner has sleep come than we are groping our way back to lose ourselves in the dark corridors. By day, the labyrinth of urban dwelling resembles consciousness; the arcades issue unremarked onto the streets. At night, however, under the tenebrous mass of the houses, their denser darkness protrudes like a threat, and the nocturnal pedestrian hurries past - unless, that is, we have emboldened him to turn into a narrow lane." via junkforcode

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Princess Haiku said...

I often feel as though I am like Eurydice or Persephone confined to the darkness of the underworld. But oh, there are those radiant days when brilliant light illuminates my being. It must be the map of extremity within; distance from darkness to sun that heightens the experience of both.