Monday, November 06, 2006

Accumulating Eggs Project

Weng Fen Acculmulating Eggs Project. 2005 sizes vary

"There's no such dangerous task as piling up eggs." This Chinese proverb becomes self-evident in Weng Peijun's (*1961) installation works. In his "Time Is Money" display, spectators look out over the "Accumulating Eggs Project" (2005) from a raised platform. It is several layers of eggs from hens, ducks, ostriches and other birds, carefully piled up to form the exact visual and graphic design of a 50 yuan note. read more

Weng Fen, Accumulating Eggs Project- Weng Peijun`s Terrific New World Eggs (Chicken, duck, bird, wood, glue, varnish), 400x 800x 90cm, 2005


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