Thursday, November 16, 2006


"In an age of big science and specialist interpretation, I have turned to homebrew experimentation and observation translated through photography". – David Goldes

David Goldes. Platonic Solid, II, 2002

Photographer David Goldes creates photographic still lives from scenes of scientific experiments that explore water, electricity, air movement, wind, and breath. see David Goldes and Water Balance


Rivane Neuenschwander - Inventory of small deaths (blow)

Inventory of small deaths (above) (Inventário das pequenas mortes [Sopro]), 2000. A Super-8 film transferred to video.

The soap bubble appears in Inventory of small deaths (blow) (2000), a film Neuenschwander produced with Cao Guimarães that tracks the slow progress of a large, single bubble, as it drifts across a tropical landscape. Set on a loop, the film shows the bubble billowing in the wind, shifting shape, but never popping. about