Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Book Iconography

"People think of art as pictures, an experience beyond words. They may never know how recently painting grew apart from text..Right into the Renaissance, manuscripts teemed with images. In the world between two hands, shared by only a reader and an anonymous artist, art held individual experience rather than public spectacle."

text taken from: Picture books John Haber

Rosamond Purcell works as a photographer in the back rooms of old museums. Foucault's Pendulum by Rosamond Purcell more works


Bernard faucon. Les petits bateaux

Abelardo Morell, Shiny Books, 2001

Thanks PK( bibliodyssey), for reminding me :)

Helmut Loehr. Music Book Circle 1995. Book Circle collage made of a music notation book.


pk said...

I've been saving this link for a while but I think it deserves to be set free here. Thanks Moon, great post.

Moon River said...

Thanks PK for reminding me of the breath taking works of Abelardo Morell!

Jaime Morrison said...

BEAUTIFUL. Thanks Moon, this corner of the web just keeps getting better young lady! Bravo.

Moon River said...

PK -Always a domain of magic and mystery, joy and beauty.
thanks for your comment and of reminding me of the exquisite photography of Abelardo Morell.
for some reason - i can post comments at your blog
Jaime Morrison -this is with great pleasure, that i learn that both you and PK, visit me here :)
I'm a big admirer of you both!

Princess Haiku said...

Bravo. Encore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!