Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Meryl Meisler is a Photographer and an Interactive Mixed Media Artist This images are from The GRAND SPLASH series - digital compositions of the architectural wonder of Grand Central Terminal.

"In my childhood dreams, I had Wonder Woman's ability to fly through the currents of the wind. That's how I felt on my first dive. On another occasion I envisioned New York City as Atlantis, while peering through coral reef. Thank goodness I don't dive too often."

"For the past decade, my work has been inspired by surreal and contrasting images of the underwater world and urban life. Using computer imaging with traditional and hand painted photography, welding, moldmaking and other media, I create altered realities and creatures that depart from the norm of biology.

DEEP RESEARCH, a work in progress, is an underwater treasure hunt within and around the Arts and Humanities Branch of the New York Public Library. Both landmarks were photographed a few days before their recent renovations began.


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