Friday, November 10, 2006

Negative Manhattan

I Just Love this, from Pruned

This is what happened:

Yesterday I sneaked into the ground zero hole.

Actually, I had no idea that this was possible,

but I just passed the

gate and walked down, and nobody really took notice.

The first 3 levels

down, everything is still quite messy, but the rest of the

119 below

zero floors, are perfectly intact.

I took the speed elevator to go all the way to the bottom floor -121

to enjoy the view.

I was a clear day and you could really see far away.

all the way down, All of negative -Manhattan, the subways,

the negative of the statue of Liberty, the roots of central park,

really very nice.

I had a negative-coffee at the cafeteria and the white servant that

worked at the counter, really thought I was telling here a joke when

I said that all the positive had been blown away 2 years earlier.

[sic] Text by Serge Onnen.

Drawing by Hannes Kater - that makes custom-made drawing, inspaiered by people who sends him 'topographical investigations', dreams, and He draws it for them Free of charge!

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