Saturday, November 04, 2006

Never Forget! - Never Forgive!

On the night of Saturday November 4, 1995, Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin traveled to the Kings’ Square in Tel Aviv where tens of thousands of Israeli peace supporters massed to assure him of their enthusiastic support. They rallied with wild enthusiasm under banners that proclaimed “Yes to Peace – No to Violence.”In his speech Rabin said: “…I have always believed that the majority of the people want peace, are prepared to take risks for peace. And you here, by showing up at this rally, prove it, along with the many who did not make it here, that the people truly want peace and oppose violence”.

A few minutes before he was murdered, Yitzhak Rabin said: "Violence is undermining the very foundations of Israeli democracy. It must be condemned, denounced, and isolated. This is not the way of the State of Israel. Controversies may arise in a democracy, but the decision must be reached through democratic elections."

Still smiling, he descended the steps to his car. The young Jewish student wheeled out of the darkness and shot him in the back. Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, the hero of war and the soldier of peace, was critically wounded. A short time later he died of his wounds in Ichilov Hospital.

Tonight, we attended with 100,000 people the 11th Rabin memorial ceremony at the the Kings of Israel Square in Tel-Aviv, that after the assassination has changed in to Rabin Square, to Remember Yizhak, To find consolation that there are many of us that will never forget and never Forgive, to cry for the lost of innocence, to be near those such as us that come to realize there is two kind of Israeli Jews, the one that even think the murderer is allowed to build a family and have kids! and the ones that are deeply shocked and refuse to believe that this horror is happening, with nothing we can do to stop this animal criminal and his supporters.

Seeing all the corruption all around here, starting from our prime minister, the president, and so many others, seeing the hope for peace fading out, seeing the opportunism, the cynical political behavior, leaves me with the sentiment, there is not much hope for the country of Israel. and the cruel assassination of Yitzhak Rabin 11 years ago, was the grand opening of the shun all the way down of our country. there is no consolation! there are so many truly, deeply beautiful' courageous, workers of the land, poets, writers, youngsters, who loves, who want to build their families here, simple people, amazing people, honest people, but their voices and power is not enough, in order to clean the dirt and mud of criminal people that rule or have their way with powerful centers of this country. i fear we're doomed.

By the end of evening, while the crowed was spreading, the speakers were playing 'Imagine' by John Lennon, minutes after moving away from the mass, the most powerful rain start falling. As if the skies and heavens and God him self were crying for Rabin, crying for all of us orphans, that stayed with no King to rule us, all the tears we aught to be crying were dropping down for the sky.

No wonder, i keep on my Escapist journeys...what else is there?

Author David Grossman, the evening's keynote speaker, said in his address "there is a feeling that there is no king in Israel these days. The [country's] political and military leadership is hollow."

"There was a war, Israel flexed an immense military muscle, but hiding behind it were [Israel's] shortcomings and vulnerability," said Grossman, whose son was killed this summer during the war in Lebanon.

"The crisis Israel is facing is much deeper than we feared, in almost every respect." "The deaths of young people are a terrible, screaming waste, but no less terrible is the feeling that, for many years, the State of Israel is wasting not only the lives of her sons, but also the miracle [of the creation of the state], the opportunity to create an enlightened and democratic nation here."


Bill said...

Started to leave a message this night past. No words would come. I posted a picture, and again a link to your blog on mine, instead of.
If only to encourage some to stop by. I have seen no mention, in the local paper, nor fox,or msnbc of the gathering to celebrate PM Rabins 11th memorial, can I add shame on the vast American press, that the gathering is/was news, more than worthy of front page, unlike the sometimes vast junk published(meaning the trival).
A wonderful, informative blog, thank you.
I remain

Moon River said...

Thank you Bill for reading and caring and writing.
time causing the pain to fade out, it's only natural and so human.
the first days and weeks and months and years - the lose of Rabin, was a devastating trauma for many Israelis.
but time and the rhythm of life drift us foreword along the stream of life.
this memorial day is highly important, i believe. for us adults and for our children and generations to come.
not to forget Rabin a soldier of peace who died on his way to create peace in the region

Puckpan said...

Another racist Jew spreading separatism, hatred, and religious triumphalism in the Middle East. He may be your hero - but to the world's non-Jews he was another Hitler.