Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Processing Problems

Does Art needs to entertain or mainly evoke deep pondering and fundamental questions at the observer's mind, as well as emotional thing etc...? i have no certain answers.

I do know and feel these works by John Kørner (his latest exhibition '2006 Problems'), handed me a vast and colorful range of feeling, first, a sense of sharp humor that made me really laugh...and then came all the (serious) rest of it...couldn't escape feeling his 'conversation' with Dada, Surrealism, but mainly Miro and Dali, (looking at his paintings, it is as if i see the mustache of Dali smiling at me, or, just like the disappearing smile of the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonder Land) ...I am in-love with what he makes me see and feel and think :)

John Kørner, 27 Problems, 2006. acrylic on canvas180 x 240 cm

John Kørner does not refer to his works as paintings. He calls them "problems". Naturally there are many different sorts of problems: philosophical, mathematical, homework, riddles. Artist gallery.

John Kørner, Conversation, 2006acrylic on canvas, 180 x 240 cm.

"I could probably write poems. Words have the same capacity as images - they fascinate people and can trigger something." interview with the artist

Music and Problems, 2006, acrylic on canvas260 x 360 cm


Princess Haiku said...

I love these and find the discussion interesting.

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Very Good Collection Photos.. Really exciting