Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Wish You Were Here

I first met Craig Kalpakjian's works, while i was looking for art projects that relates to the MOON, (here below), lately going back to it, i learned about his new art projects, such as "wish you were here" (attached below), and some how, all falls toit's place for me: the moon, wish you were here, pink floyd....

Moonworks: Proposal for a drawing on the Moon 2003, Sea of Crises.

"Moonworks: Proposal for a drawing on the Moon, #1, Sea of Nectar (detail)"shown here with:Bottom Left: Nazca Lines, PeruBottom Middle: Michael Heizer, Circular Surface Planar Displacement Drawing, 1970 Bottom Right: Dennis Oppenheim, Relocated Burial Ground, 1978, El Mirage Dry Lake, California Craig Kalpakjian. “Moonworks: Proposal for a drawing on the Moon, 2003, Sea of Crises”Moonworks. Kalpakjian’s project and folows the artwork of and James Turrell's "Roden Crater" (see the map) and his Skyspace, follows in the same spirit and conceptual trajectory as the earthworks Michael Heizer created by riding a dirt bike in the desert to create geometric patterns. I will also mention Ezra Orion, an israeli artist's who has his idea of putting a sculpture projects in the solar system. The projects include intergalactic sculptures to be launched by laser radio stations and radio telescopes as well as robotic sculptures on Mars.

Kalpakjian, ever the virtual astronaut, proposes doing the same on the surface of the moon. Robot rovers of the kind currently being used to gather data on the surface of Mars would “draw” into the surface of the moon, creating the first-ever works of public art in space. read more source:

Craig Kalpakjian latest projects:

Craig Kalpakjian: Wish You Were Here 2005, inkjet print mounted on Plexiglas, 55" x 73.5"

Craig Kalpakjian "Are You Feeling Better Now?", computer generated image, 2006

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