Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Brooklyn Mud Map

A mud map is a map a farmer draws on the ground for a passing traveler.

It is rough and ready, not very detailed, and lacks nuance.

The scale may be inaccurate, but the map has the details needed for the journey.

Working with only a biro and a camera, and with no knowledge of the area, Hugh Davies representing Analogue Art Map spent the 2006 Conflux Festival seeking hand drawn maps from locals in the Brooklyn NY area, he was navigating Brooklyn for two days using only maps drawn by Brooklynites upon request for directions.

These maps gave directions to sources of food, water and rest as well as to possible points of interest. Ultimately, the maps are psychological map of the Brooklyn landscapes resources, traditions and stories from the point of view of how locals understand it, as well as how they believe visitors might best experience and interpret it. read as well the Mud Map Theology

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