Friday, December 15, 2006

Improvisation For Nila

by Robert

Wherever you walk, the moon takes notice

It both follows and guides you

Every variation of your breathing

a variation just biding time

Fully alive in space

Your tongue crashes the fabric spoken

into layered mists moist with glee

Air rushes in, forms a golden symphony

that sits alone in white clouds

Hands engaged to the morning sun

you sing laughter sanctified

and Iam slowly learning

how to entice your rhythm

from lonely sighs

Indelible hieroglyphs encode glistening

sheets of thigh bitten by vowels that lust

To reciprocate with an infinite lock

purple glimpses memories between your legs

An angular wetness to your face gliding

a text dripping with desire to reveal

receding shades of flourescent green

framing gentle eyes

Dreaming time spent in our temple

the blessed symbols thrumming on knees

rhyming with your neck's nape

I knew then that I would drink iron for you

Sleep contently in your mind

A key drawn from the silent center of you

wearing winter's pearled vigilance

entry engrossed cusping through

your serene possession of night