Wednesday, December 27, 2006


pen drawings of the series "Orpheus and Eurydice" by castor

The Sonnets to Orpheus: XIX

(by Rainer Maria Rilke)

Though the world keeps changing its form

as fast as a cloud, still

what is accomplished falls home

to the Primeval.

Over the change and the passing,

larger and freer,

soars your eternal song,

god with the lyre.

Never has grief been possesed,

never has love been learned,

and what removes us in death

is not revealed.

Only the song through the land

hallows and heals.

(Translated by Stephen Mitchell)


Princess Haiku said...

Dearest Moon,

In two moments it will be 2007.In the vanishing breath of an old year I leave with you the blessings of a new. Thank you for the gorgeous artwork and poetry you have shared with me this year. I am doing my best to situate my new life in such a way that I have time to return to the virtual world on a regular basis.

love & kisses,
your poet

Moon River said...

Dear Poet,

so many i set my self into writing you, and it didn't came out...
i think of you, and YES i miss your presence,
I know lots of new thriling evants had happened in your life, and i'm happy for you.
i promise to write soon my self

Princess Haiku said...

I was on the Sonoma coast today. The roar of breakers and the immutability of mother of pearl pale clouds reminded me of you. -Somehow both intense and subtle.

As I left the sandy trail for the shoreline I noticed a sign, "Beware, of Sleeper Waves." There is something Orphic about the concept of a giant passion awakening and drowning us with it's intensity. How can you prepare for that which lies asleep within?

Can one map sleeper waves, my darling cartographer?