Friday, December 08, 2006

Personal Mapping

Some lovely findings of personal mapping:

Steve Roden:

Steve Roden. Form -Collage, water color , ink, pencil on found papear 12" x 26"

Form: Collage, water color , ink, pencil on found papear12" x 26"

From Mapping Lucy blog:

read the full research/travel proposal at

From Mediatinker blog:

Mad Rush to Australia. December 16-17 mapping year 2005 - a personal event calendar.

2005 Heart Map click to enlarge

more maps from mediatinker

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An Inaccurate Map of Charlottesville

Russell Richards is an artist who lives and works in Charlottesville, Virginia. Some of his work is influenced by his love of maps, most notably in the aptly named collection called ‘Inaccurate Maps of Charlottesville’.

via strangemaps


sroden said...

thanks for posting the drawings. it's funny you chose some extremely personal work (yes, all is , but some more so...). have you seen this, methinks you will like it... ok. more soon. steve

Moon River said...

I find many of your instalations and art to be very interesting.

this time i choosed these ones -for the very reason you mentioned :)

i will show more of your work later on...