Sunday, December 31, 2006


Tokihiro Sato uses a small flashlight at night (or a mirror during the day) to make pinpoints of light that chart his movement through space. On a couple of occasions he has worked within snowscapes.

Photo-Respiration #155 1992

Hattachi # 346, 2000Gelatin-silver print or black and white transparency over light panel

Sapporo 1, 2001, Gelatin-silver print or black and white transparency over light panel

more works by the artist can be seen here

via the interesting blog of artist Alec Scoth


Joe Moran said...

Hope 2007 is as illuminating. I'll be watching (and reading).



Bill said...

Tokihiro Sato , humm.......first impression for me is airy, and delightful, expanding. 3rd picture with the snow and ice, a change of subject w/a like impression of the two above....

Oh of the New Year, and thank you for the upteenth time for your blog, I so enjoy.
Thanks and best in 07....

Joe Moran said...

Big Moon outside. Hope all is well. (Just noticed, been busy.)

Most Moonly,

Moon River said...

Yes, The Moon, amazing:)

Princess Haiku said...

Fountains and running water. Summers. Urbans landscapes and small towns. All needing moonlight and fountains.

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I really like the way that the city looks. Specially with the fountain in fron of all those buildings.

Viagra without prescription said...

hey!! what amazing photos ... Are you a professional photographer? your three photos are wonderful congrats!

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