Sunday, December 24, 2006


i can't slow up. death is an hysteria. i don't care about your

gender. i

send out work as soon as it's done. i make work as soon as i think

of it.

i read as fast as i can. i watch news and practice music while i

read. i

know if i slow up i'll die. i know there will be a missive or missile


in this space that will not be sent. i know the missive will be the

tag or

curlicue. i know it will be the conjunction of my death. i read the


junction as not both life and death. i read the conjunction as


life nor death. i eat fast. i never sleep properly. i dream theory


practice. i hunt on the internet. i shape ride on the internet. i

speak [ get the point]

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Bill said...

Hope the Holidays are pleasent, and wish Peace and Happiness in the comming year....2007.