Saturday, January 13, 2007

Changing the Earth

Emmet Gowin Started to make aerial photographs in 1980 as part of a commission to document the massive eruption of Mount St. Helens. Since then, Gowin has created hundreds of compelling aerial images of military test sites, farmland, battlefields, mining areas, and missile silos in such far-flung locations as Oregon's Columbia River, Kuwait, and the Czech Republic.

Mining the Coal Seam, Open Pit Strip Mine, Bohemia, Czech Republic, 1994

Emmet Gowin, Drainage Ditches in a Low Agricultural Field, Savannah River Nuclear Site, SC, 1992, toned gelatin silver print, Collection of the Yale University Art Gallery

Copper Ore Tailing, Globe, Arizona 1988 split toned gelatin silver print 24.1 x 24.3 cm.


Princess Haiku said...

-A dark flower.

jessica said...


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Drew said...

if you can find the book put out with gowin's exhibition, it's well worth tracking down. his aerial landscapes are just endlessly revealing (can i say revelating?). i had the pleasure of speaking with him on a few occasions while i was a grad student at princeton (where he teahces); and i'm happy to say that he's a wonderfully open, thoughtful, and humane individual. from what i remember, he's now photographing insects ... taking trips to the amazon to do so, and generally moving as far away from the aerial works as those departed from his earlier family-centered photographs.

Moon River said...

thanks Drew.
If i ever get the chance i will look for this book. but your words set me to look for other works of Gowin, and i did find some wonderful photos he made of his wife (i presume) he is a great master.