Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Paula. pimp up cup. C type print

Hendrik Kerstens photographs of his daughter Paula


Princess Haiku said...

Dear Moon,

The contrasts of textures and colors are beautiful here.

Thank you for the comments about the Moon I posted for you. Was away for a few days and now back. The comings and goings of our life are endings but so rare the moments of presence.

What was the first thing you ever wanted to be Moon darling? I first wanted to be a ballerina paper doll and then later, a snow queen; with a flying carriage flown by white swans. Alas, neither career was ever launched. :) Here I am; one more earthbound poet.

Princess Haiku said...

I will check the trees in the morning my darling. It is so late that my eyes won't stay open any longer. I spent time tonight trying to improve my blog and getting ready to post new things. I don't know what they will be yet but I am sure something will inspire me.

your poet

Princess Haiku said...

The trees are gorgeous and also the icicles and frozen streams.