Sunday, January 14, 2007

Permanent Collection

Nude Study

In 'Permanent Collection', Tim Davis focuses on paintings in museums, photographing them from oblique angles so that existing museum lighting glares off the paintings’ surfaces, changing their often-reproduced meanings.


By then enlarging the photographs to the size of the original painting, the light is allowed to do more than illuminate a painting’s image, but instead can obscure, erase, add humor, sadness, strangeness or narrative to objects we think of as fixed and permanent. read more

L'Origine du Monde


Princess Haiku said...

Dear Moon,
This is an intriguing entry. Can an artistic interpretation ethically, be deliberately out of context?

Moon River said...

why not? :)

modern art: Dada, conceptual art and so on, did just that...

and it is also in finding and defining new contexts

i find the Artist here did make and reveled with his 'new light' a different atittude towords the art works he choosed, and came up with original point of view of things, he multiplied new meanings (even the series title makes one ponder)

Princess Haiku said...

The use of the illumination is beautiful. I always feel so uninformed discussing art and one of these days will take an art history course. Perhaps you might suggest a good book for me to read.

I posted the Moon for you, Moon darling -but she is sideways and I lost several other pics. On the bright lunar side I managed to get the incorrect date stamp off of my digital photo pics and so can get past 02!