Monday, January 08, 2007

Vera Lutter

Berlin, Holzmarktstrasse, VIII: September 1, 2003 Unique silver gelatin print, mounted on museum board, framed behind plexi-glass2 panels, total: 231 x 285 cm

Grace Building: March 4, 2005 Impression argentique Gelatin silver print 23½" x 19"

Using room-sized cameras, Lutter often inhabits the camera during the exposure which can last hours, days or even weeks. The camera obscura works with the premise that when light passes through a small hole into a darkened chamber it produces an inverted image on the opposite wall. Lutter projects her subjects onto photo-sensitized paper and develops them as unique negatives.

more works by the Artist can be seen here. and here. and here

an interview with the artist

South View, Old Slip: January 7, 1995 1995 Unique camera obscura, silver-gelatin print (two panels) 168.9 x 184.2 cm


orangeguru said...

Your posting is soooo negative ... ;-)

Great stuff. Happy Mapping.

Moon River said...

You seem to know me so damn well :)
you read right thru me, i mean thru Vera Lutter

orangeguru said...

Nah, don't think so. Although negativ spaces and people have their charm too. ;-)

Princess Haiku said...

Moon Darling,
I see you are very drawn into silver images as of late. I have a fascinating photo of a silver moon that I took in a rather strange& scarey antique store that I will post in my next blog. Hope you like the entry thatI posted today.

Moon River said...

waiting for your silver moon!

Princess Haiku said...

Didn't you find it? I fear it isn't that exciting and somehow I managed to lose all of the strange & ghostly pictures I took. I am going back to the place in a few days to try again.

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