Sunday, February 04, 2007

Annabel Daou

in lebanon we have no bomb shelter. Detail, 70"x40", ink on paper and tape, 2006. Installation at Makor Gallery for exhibition "Double Exposure"

xxxxxxxx ruined cities. Detail, 27.5"x29.5", pencil, gesso and tape on paper, 2005.

Annabel Daou was born and raised in Beirut. Having grown up with four brothers and a sister, and having lived through the Lebanese Civil War, Annabel Daou set out to New York City, where she earned a BA from Barnard College, Columbia University. She now resides in Manhattan. gallery of Daou's works and here and about the artist.

Annabel Daou

National Reality

Greta Byrum

" [lonesomeness]

sleep alone tonight i know cause

tonight like any other you

laugh so easy hate

over and over laugh so

easy easy laugh again

performance killing

an arab there must be reverence

inseparable from proper objects

city plains highway clover leaf stranger

sunk in a vast knowledge

filled with old heroes

takes guts to be gentle and kind i m not

afraid not afraid to speak i m not alone "

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