Wednesday, February 14, 2007

End of a New Dawn

End of a New Dawn series of photographed paintings by Andre von Morisse

Above the City, 2004 Selenium toned silver gelatin print mounted on aluminum 42 1/4 x 41 1/4 inches

from his interview:

Why show photographs of paintings rather than the paintings themselves?

"As I was sketching my ideas, I thought about how we perceive a painted image as opposed to a photographed image. When photography first appeared, it seemed to eclipse painting as the privileged medium for the documentation of the real. Painting, by comparison, was viewed as subjective—its depicted reality mediated by personal vision and artistic skill. Photography became the truthful reference for subjective painting.In this show I reverse the traditional roles of the two mediums using paintings as the starting point for an elaborate and intricate photographic process. The paintings become conceptual “negatives”. The resulting soft-focus black-and-white silver gelatin prints recontextualize the painted images into the often unquestioned realm of photographic truth.“End of a New Dawn” is also a reflection of the end of classical photography as digital is taking over. "

via the morning news

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Princess Haiku said...

Perhaps this is a photographic equivalent of metafiction.