Saturday, February 24, 2007

Jananne Al-Ani

Iraqi/Irish artist JANANNE AL-ANI

Untitled; Portrait, 1996 (1 of 5) DoubleDuratrans 25 x 20 cm


Princess Haiku said...

Moon Dearest,
Thank you for your comment on my space. I long to capture temporal beauty or love and of course one cannot do that. Or perhaps I am just like poppies in the rain seeking shelter.

This entry of yours is very moving. I see many people in this woman's face. Her dark eyes are stars; history itself bearing witness to tragedy.

The review linked beneath is very interesting.

Your Poet

Moon River said...

I, so it seems, need your 'poet eyes' - you're always opening me to new insights

Princess Haiku said...

They are always at your service.

Moon River said...