Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Man-Made America: Chaos or Control?

Nathan, this one is for you:

(and i wonder if you are familiar with this book)

Again mentioning books I haven't read, but would love to, one of these days...

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Man-Made America: Chaos or Control?: An Inquiry into Selected Problems of Design in the Urbanized Landscape, New Haven: Yale University Press(1963).

In It Christopher Tunnard and Boris Pushkarev argued that the built environment must be planned everywhere. Whereas the authors eschewed stylistic analysis and stressed newly emerging elements like freeways and subdivisions, they still hoped to aestheticize the landscape according to customary notions of order and beauty.

here's a review on the book:

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Anonymous said...

no, i'm not familiar with that book. it looks very interesting though - i'll have to check it out. thanks,


Princess Haiku said...

What would you think are customary notions of order and beauty?

Moon River said...

this is a challenging question not only to me, I guess mainly For Artist, who are checking and rechecking this notion, disassembling this notion, disassembling the image, disassembling the concept...reconstructing it, questioning it...
I'm not sure, I can define my self a reasonable answer to your question princess, I'm a looker, I'm an image capturer, I'm thief of visual pleasure :)

Princess Haiku said...

Perhaps a Thief of Desire. Now that sounds interesting.