Monday, February 05, 2007

Naked Tango

The Amazing Guillermo Kuitca Naked Tango, 1994 acrylic on canvas 76 7/8 x 58 3/8 inches195 x 148 cm Private Collection


Princess Haiku said...

This is exquisite.

Moon River said...

exquisite, sexy, sad, expressive, daring, reminds me of the Continent of Africa in it's shape and there for - something wild like, energetic, powerful...and this naked tango, is a solo one, isn't it? one soul, daring, dancing, naked in it's uninterrupted solitude

Princess Haiku said...

Such an interesting poetic interpretation. When I see images they often evoke words to me, also.

Anonymous said...

Sanata 100%.
Estos gringos culiformes se compran cualquier chifle.
Ese tango está hiper champurriado. Long time ago, pisé un big soret y los resultados fueron increiblemente similares.
firma: G y M.