Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A Bigger Grand Canyon

David Hockney's A Bigger Grand Canyon is a series of 60 paintings of the Grand Canyon in the Arizona desert, that are combined to produce one enormous picture that gestures back to Picasso. It was bought by the National Gallery of Australia.

"A Bigger Grand Canyon" 1998 oil on 60 canvases, 81 x 291 in. overall


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Princess Haiku said...

The radiating color and perspective of this composition draws me in. It makes me aware of my "outsider" status as viewer.The schism between observer/participant feels as great as the height of the cliffs.

I have never seen the Grand Canyon; perhaps some day.

Nathan said...

This relates well to his photo-collages. I'm not a huge fan of Hockney's landscapes, but the scale of this one is pretty impressive. This still doesn't do the real Grand Canyon any justice - its scale is unbelievable. I took tons of panorama photos when I was there but it doesn't translate. I'm probably going back there this summer - this time to the north rim.

Moon River said...

I happen to love very much Hockney's art (photographic collage as well as paintings)
This huge painting of Hockney-it's colors and composition draws me as well, Princess, though viewing it in this scale, probably doesn't give half of the impression as it must give the viewer who stand in front of it. this scale and use of radiating colors must create what you mention as the schism between observer who no longer only observe bur is participating and being absorbed into the field of colors and shape

Princess Haiku said...

We have traveled the perimeters of this color together, haven't we, dear Moon?

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Frazer said...

What I want to say about this image is hard for me to get across. I think that when painting a landscape of this size Hockney used the 60 canvases to try to get a sense of how large the place is. And I dont mean that he wanted to the painting to be bigger. I mean like he wanted to capture the Grand Canyons enormity and all the different parts of it.