Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Bohemian map

Bohemian: a person with artistic or literary interests who disregards conventional standards of behavior (American Heritage). But you could also say it’s a matter of ‘you know one when you see one.’ Dorothy Gambrell’s maps of the boroughs show where the major areas of ‘bohemian-ness’ exist. she explains her findings here(themorningnews).

The Bohemian Index is determined as follows: [(% of persons 18–24 with some college or associate degree or higher) + 7(% of persons 25+ with a bachelors degree or higher)] / [median household income in dollars] (Data: 2000 U.S. Census)

Manhattan: Bohemian tendencies are seen circling outward from NYU and Columbia, occupying select areas nearby (notably not Harlem or East Harlem, which offer a distinct drop in bohemian-ness from contiguous Morningside Heights).


Princess Haiku said...

This is interesting. I wonder what a bohemian map of California would look like as there has been a constant exodus of artists from the East Bay for over ten years. Wonder where they went to? When I lived in NYC I lived in the West Village; another boho area.

sydneyland said...

These maps are painfully accurate. The less education the less income the less free thought. 'Guess where I grew up.

Princess Haiku said...

Wildflowers grow everywhere don't they?

Moon River said...

princess, i loved this remarks of yours Wildflowers grow everywhere',indeed they are!

sydneyland said...

Sorry if I seemed bitter. NYC is a mess, and I take it personally. It's so full of invisible walls,and borders.

A friend explained it well. She said that although race segregation is 40 years gone,..legally. She's ystill afraid to go to certain place's that were once forbidden to coloreds.

That's where my comment about the maps came from.

Though yes princess, bless you, yes you're right. Flowers, especially "wild flowers" can, and will grow anywhere.

Bright visions can arise in the darkest places.