Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Brik a Brak of Maps

For the next few days, i'll be posting an on-going post, of an eclectic accumulation of maps, all sorts of maps...lets us begin:

People Make the World Go Round by artist EDUARDO SARABIA

People Make the World Go Round (view detail), 2003Gouache on paper48 x 73 inches, 122 x 185 cm

Susan Stockwell - 'Pattern of the World', 2000 {via the maproom}

180 x 120 x 2 centimetres, Detail of map of the world, made with tea stain on dress making pattern with dress making pins. paper; dress making patterns; tea

I love kottke map findings, from his 'map drawn by memory' which is a real treasure: this one is 4ojos from his flick map album:

historic cities maps - This site is a joint project of the Historic Cities Center of the Department of Geography, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Jewish National and University Library.

Map of Basel, 1575, Braun and Hogenberg

An Eighteenth Century Chinese 'wheelmap' of the world (via

Click to

Thematic maps - Milestones in the History of Thematic Cartography, Statistical Graphics, and Data Visualization

Johann Heinrich Lambert's Farbenpyramide 1758-1772 via

Many Atlases of New York city from the digitalgallery.nypl:

G.W. Bromley & Co. --

Diving in this Map Paradise again 1906 Schottische Inseln Scottish islands

works by Riccardo Gusmaroli

untitled, 2004, 70 x 120 cm

Senza titolo, 2002, Work on Paper w/map, 125.5 x 138 cm.

Toxic Queens map
There are toxic plots of land all over New York City, Queens Crap has some maps showing the toxic parts of Queens. The maps they show are from Property Shark, but they also link to a site where you can see maps for all the neighborhoods of Queens.

A Topographical Map of Edo


Grapefruit Moon said...

Wonderful maps!

Have you seen the maps and graphs here--
http://www.math.yorku.ca/SCS/Gallery/historical.html ? In particular, the graph of the fate of Napoleon's army, the London Cholera Epidemic (for use, not beauty) and the "album de statistique graphique" are worth mention.

4ojos said...

I´m honoured to be in your selection. Should you want to see some more of my stuff it´s in www.4ojos.com/blog