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MORGAN O'HARA's LIVE TRANSMISSION is attention and drawing as time-based performance.

For more then 15 years, O'Hara tracks the movement of the hands of people engaged in life activity. she transmits the subject's hand movements at the very moment of observation - that is, in real time - to paper on which characteristic flows of thin lines are established.

LIVE TRANSMISSION: movement of the hands of the DALAI LAMA while lecturing on "The Way to Peace - The Interdependence of All Life Forms" Ca' Foscari, Universitý degli Studi / Venezia, Italia / May 1990

LIVE TRANSMISSIONS are drawn with both hands and with two or more pencils: people talking, working, dancing, reciting poetry, playing music, giving birth, repairing shoes, practicing martial arts. Other signs of life are also registered: movement of leaves on a tree, reflections of light on water, the tail of a pony, the flies on a cow, the movement of the incoming tide, the beating of a human heart. It is a body of work which grows as an international organism, a process of thinking about human life as diversified vitality.

LIVE TRANSMISSION: movement of the viewing public while walking around ALBERTO GIACOMETTI sculptures in the Museum of Modern Art / New York City / 4 November 2001

LIVE TRANSMISSION: movement of the hands of conductor RICCARDO CHAILLY while conducting the Concertgebouw Orchestra in Mahler's SYMPHONY NO 4. / first movement / Carnegie Hall / New York City/ 10 February 2000

LIVE TRANSMISSION: movement of the hands of members of the DOWNTOWN ENSEMBLE while performing Philip Corner's work "Circle" / Greenwich House Music School / New York City / 23 May 1995

Born in the City of the Angels, Morgan O'Hara spent her childhood in a fishing village in Japan. She studies Buddhism, psychology, geography, languages, aikido, shiatsu and music. Her work falls naturally into two parts: TIME STUDIES, which she has done on a daily basis since 1971, and time-space work (LIVE TRANSMISSIONS, FORM AND CONTENT, PORTRAITS FOR THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY) which has resulted in many interdisciplinary collaborations. Strong links to the international jazz and new music scene. O'Hara lives and works in New York and Italy. via radicalcartography

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