Thursday, March 08, 2007

Moon River

Maribel Balius a photographer . At her Words, Music and Shots page - she matchs every photo she took to a song ....

she has matched this photo above to the moonriver song performed by Louis Armstrong - the best moonriver ever !

among many other songs match into a photo, there are few other Moon songs (such as Fly me to the moon and Moonlight shadow )

photos by maribel balius


Stephen said...

Fly me to tSpring Song Spill Song
Slips into Summer
Damp as the
Woods grow
Wet in the mists.
Recalling bird song
Eagle Wings
On the on the water
At the edge of
In the eye of an
Eagle and
The wing of an
he Moon. As ever be well. With love. Stephen Craig Rowe

Princess Haiku said...

The reflected moonlight is very mysterious looking. I enjoyed both the music and the photographs; lovely entry.

Moon River said...

Stephen - the way you 'spill' words like river of milkyl light is such a delight :)

thank you dear poet :)