Monday, March 12, 2007

The Wisdom of Art

- Roland Barthes on Cy Twombly's art ( i deeply feel it has a wider context)

"Whatever the metamorphoses of painting, whatever the support and the frame, we are always faced with the same question: what is happening, there? Whether we deal with canvas, paper or wall, we deal with a stage where something is happening (and if, in some forms of art, the artists deliberately intends that nothing should happen, even this is an event, an adventure). So that we must take a painting (let us keep this convenient name, even if it is an old one) as a kind of traditional stage: the curtain rises, we look, we wait, we receive, we understand; and once the scene is finished and the painting removed, we remember: we are no longer what we were: as in ancient drama, we have been iniciated... " Read on


Princess Haiku said...

I enjoy your provocative commentary as much as the visuals in your postings. You have encouraged me to broaden my concept of what art is or can be.

Princess Haiku said...

Moon Dearest,
I posted some urban photos that I think you might like. Hope you find the time to stop by and that all is well with you.

Moon River said...

So Princess,

You have started documenting your life, not only with words but with camera, and video. That's a great shift!
Your labyrinths quests are fascinating; while I'm only talking/dreaming about go out there and walk them!!!
haven't had the time to read all the material you've posted on the SF labyrinth...hope to do so so, and will be waiting for your own trip to this labyrinth...

Princess Haiku said...

Dear Moon,
I am happy that you are enjoying my labyrinth posts. It is such a wonderful thing; to be able to communicate with others. -That's the wonderful thing about blogging.

I won't be going to the SF labyrinth until after next week and hopefully will get some photos.

Blogger is very glitchy tonight. I posted a new entry and it ended up underneath my Sunday blog with no date. I nearly lost it and hope it doesn't vanish. It's a Dance Review and hope you like that too.

Princess Haiku said...

Metamorphosis is one of my favorite words; so rich, complex, evocative. What is happening inside of ourselves and in a larger context the world?