Monday, April 23, 2007

The Architecture of Shadows

by Dylan Trigg

"If, as architect Sverre Fehn has suggested, the creation of a shadow constitutes the origin of place, then how does this interplay between the place of shadows and the openness of light form a dialectics of memory? Beginning from the earth, the darkness of the built environment constitutes both a break and an opening in the landscape. With this double opening-break, the landscape becomes bordered through the production of difference, articulated through the role the shadow plays in demarcating territory. . . The movement of shadows carries with it the movement of place. As a result, places are created which have been marked by the movement of shadows in time. " read on

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pk said...

Related: A Short History of the Shadow - interview at Cabinet Mag.

Moon River said...

thanks pk for this interview. it had really cast some light over the shadow history, especially enjoyed the parts about the shadow representation in various period in art