Monday, April 16, 2007

Boys' Art

Joyce Kozloff map art

Boys' Art #9, Iwo Jima Mixed media on paper 2003

Boys' Art is a series of collaged maps that Kozloff has fashioned from hundreds of years of source material, the most recent of which are her son Nik's childhood drawings of war. On top of her pristine pencil copies of historic military maps--culled from the Han dynasty to the Roosevelt administration--Kozloff has layered the movements of war, as found in Tin Tin and Babar, in a 17th-century woodblock by Hokusai, in a George Grosz pen and ink drawing, or a Leonardo da Vinci sketch.

Boys' Art #8: Battle of Panipat, 1739 Mixed media on paper

Boys' Art #7: British Fleet, Falkland Islands Mixed media on paper 2003

Boys' Art #2: Nagasaki Mixed media on paper 2003

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