Saturday, April 07, 2007

fantastic city

by Trevor Wentworth. (installation detail)

In a series of mixed media wall pieces and tabletop three-dimensional prints landscapes of historically influenced but anachronistically and spatially abstracted microscopic environments, Wentworth presents nearly three-years of splendidly obsessive and meticulous work.

Leeuwenhoek's C.V.(installation detail), 2005, Mixed media(silk screen, digital print, collage), 26.5" x 34" x 10"


sydneyland said...

Is it possible to build a city that people would 'want' to live in?

moon said...

i live in one :) as i'm sure others, but unless we are talking about invisible cities such as in Calvino's book, i truly wonder if there is out there the perfect has to do with imperfections amid all it's wonders and hidden gems, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Do you know Trevor?
I used to live in the same building as him in Brooklyn, but have lost touch with him. Tell him to watch out for Rats and have a Viales coffee!