Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Hiroshima Dome panoramas

World War 2 Panorama - Landmarks of WWII in Fullscreen 360 QTVR panorama site.

This project was born In 2004, around the 11 November and the 1st World War.

It's intention is to initiate a contemporary look on the heritage that ww2.

3 panoramas of Hiroshima Dome by yoshito takagi

The Genbaku Dome (the Atomic Bomb Dome), a symbol of Hiroshima, was originally built in 1915 as the Hiroshima Prefectural Commercial Exhibition (HMI). It was designed by a Czech architect Jan Letzel, having the five-storied stairs-tower at the center of the three-storied building, with distinctive dome roof.

The nuclear explosion (on 08:15 August 6th, 1945) completely burned out the Hiroshima Prefectural Products Exhibition Hall. Although the hypocenter was only 150 meters/ 490 feet away, it could keep the center tower standing, as the explosion was directly above the building. The blast came from the top and many windows helped it standing. via neatorama

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