Sunday, April 08, 2007

hopeless romantic map

in 2006 15,000 user created maps were made on Platial-the people atlas site. Topics range from world history to local food.

some of the Platial 2006 Map Awards are here:

hopeless romantic map by Paiges This is an open map, any Platial user can add Places!

"Lost love. Missed chances. Unrequited love. Never meant to last. Doomed from the start. Wishing I had the nerve. Still thinking of you. Never forget you. I left this for you. I want you to know. My Heart still aches for you. I thought it mattered."

and a new expression Mapumentary: a user called Baostar has created 37 maps. Each map brings the reader closer into the world as Baostar sees it. Each one uses place and map to share an insight about a specific facet of life. He documents place in a way that embodies neogeography, where human perspective and social interaction supercede latitude and longitude. Baostar has created a new genre which has inspired us all, that of Mapumentary.

via platial

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