Sunday, April 15, 2007

Josef Hoflehner

I'm not sure why, but for some reasons I would consider these beautiful landscape photographs as documentary photography and not ART, still they are lovely.

Socotra series. White Dunes I - Socotra, 2005

Vietnam series.

Night Fishing Lights - Vietnam, 2007

China series. Seventeen Arch Bridge - China, 2007

Yemen 2005


Princess Haiku said...

why not ART?

Moon River said...

i am still looking for the words, for now it's a 'basic feeling'

Princess Haiku said...

Art and nonArt often twins.

Norah Jones said...

Hoflehner's photos cannot understand your basic feeling and as such I believe they will be unmoved from their rightful place in the quite wide spectrum of 'things' which could be described as art.

Anonymous said...

everything is art. from taking a shit to smoking a cigarette. im sorry you put such tight limits on the way you look at things.