Wednesday, April 25, 2007

maps brik a brak II

This site imagines maps comparing the populations of various Phoenix Metropolitan area communities to cities whose populations are numerically similar. X

Phoenix Metropolitan Areas compared to cities around the world.


London Poverty Map Booth's London Victorian poverty map records the divisions in wealth between the richest and poorest Londoners. more Wealth and Poverty. this section is a part of Mapping History online documantation.

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Distribution of Blood Types

Distribution of the B type blood allele in native populations of the world

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Noise map of London

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Size of Africa

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Maps on Stamps is a huge topic. here's a glimpse from this great site

Souvenir sheets were issued in 1992 by Iceland and the Faroe Islands commemorating the definitive voyages of European discovery across the Atlantic Ocean, that of Leif Erickson around 1000 and that of Columbus in 1492.


The oldest map to appear on a stamp is the sixth century Medaba map. It is a mosaic which forms the floor of the chancel of the church in Madaba in what is now Jordan. This sixth century map is pictured on stamps from Argentina, Israel and Jordan.


The first U.S. stamp to show a detailed map is the high value of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition set. It shows a map of the United States with the Louisiana Territory shaded. read more.

and more about united states stamps


This unusual map stamps was issued by India in 2000 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the creation of the state of India. India had been a British colony and Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was instrumental in shaping the emergence from colonial status to statehood. The stamp designed by Sri Ranga shows Gandhi as a silhouette in the shape of outline of India. Gandhi, the Father of the Nation, is represented as the nation itself. "Mahatma" is a title of honor, "Great Soul."


In 1988 Guinea-Bissau issued a set of seven stamps featuring pictures of wild animasl on a background of maps showing part of their territory.

In this site a huge collection of design "error" maps on stamps via maphistory

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